Little big press goes to China

We’re happy to announce that a little piece of Little big press library is flying to China, taking part to

Lishui International Photography Festival
6 – 10 November 2013

Little big press is a project based on a library, a temporary bookshop and exhibitions created to take stock of the trends that are radically changing the world of photography.

Started in 2010, the library documents the increasingly vitality moving the evolution of the photographic book in an independent direction, self-produced and reduced in scale: self-publishing and independent photobooks, fanzines and small publishers are increasingly active and prolific in the world.

A freedom that allows research in materials, composition, print quality and peculiarities of the preparations. A constructive and experimental approach that representsthe most exciting and stimulating side of contemporary photography’s book.

With a selection of a little more of 70 titles, the Lishui exhibition aims to represent a little tour accross Europe and not only. A special attention is devoted to Switzerland, The Netherlands and of course Italy, with small focuses on long-term adventures such as the Sochi Project and concetrated views on publishers like Patrick Frey or Nobody books, not forgetting to fly up to South Africa so to find a gallerist, Michael Stevenson, able to develop a serious publishing project. A simple way to uderstand how easily the time of catalogues is and can be in many occasions almost gone.

In recent years, where Dutch books have become a key reference point in Europe for what regards both production and design, with a clear focus on photography, the Swiss publishing world shows a not lesser attention to the book as a real art product, and art and photography seem completely absorbed in a single field.

While both these latter examples had the chance to grow up thanks not only to a strong tradition, but also to an important public support, Italy –still for many a paradise for printing – is experiencing a more spontaneus time when a lot of young designers, photographers and little independent publishers gather together besides the more classic and historical publishing houses, contributing to putting up an amazing and always wider, global and interconnected international scene.

and here’s the final list of the books on show:

Antoine D’agata, Position(s), Avarie, France 2012

Benoît Grimalt, Do you know Syd Barrett?, Poursuite Editions, France 2009

Grégory Valton, Le pics entre deux ports, Poursuite Editions, France 2009

Gauthier Sibillant, Strasbourg, fin de ville, paysages ordinaires, Poursuite Editions, France 2009

Laëtitia Donval, Nerves, Self-published, France, 2010

Johan Attia, Blast!, Self-published, France 2011

AA. VV., Album, Magazin fĂĽr Fotografie, Issue #2 Same/Same, Hochschule fĂĽr Gestaltung Offenbach, Germany 2011

Kerstin Flake, Turbolenzen, Lubok Verlag, Germany 2009

Stephan Fisher, Urlaub von zu Hause, Lubok Verlag, Germany 2009

Nico Baumgarten, Berlusconians non Berlusconians, Self-published, Germany 2011

Calin Kruse, Schmetterling, Dienacht, Germany 2013

Frederic Lezmi, #Taksim calling, Sunday books, Germany -Turkey 2013

Colin Sackett, Wirelesslessness, Coracle, Ireland 1992

Mick Williamson, The photodiaries of Williamson, Coracle, Ireland 1999

Erica Van Horn, SMALL HOUSES, Coracle, Ireland, 2007

Nich Hance McElroy, The great divide, 0_100, Italy 2011

Coley Brown, Moon drip, 0_100, Italy 2011

Hasisi Park, Road Trip, 0_100, Italy 2011

Debora Mittelstaedt, New York, 0_100, Italy 2011

Cristiano Guerri, Kidding, 0_100, Italy 2011

AA. VV., 9 zines, Antibtomic / Publishing, Italy 2011

Luca Baioni, The great grain from Painhell, Cesura publish, Italy 2012

Arianna Arcara and Luca Santese, Found Photos in Detroit, Cesura publish, Italy 2012

Marco Lachi, How does it feel to be leaving the most beautiful City in the World?, Documentary Platform, Italy 2013

Cesare Ballardini, Dal vero, Edizioni del Bradipo, Italy 2011

Stefano Graziani, Under the Volcano and other Stories, Galleria Mazzoli, Italy 2009

NASTYNASTY, Ordinary 90’s playgame, NASTYNASTY, Italy 2013

Alessandro Imbriaco, The Garden, Peliti editore and other publishers from European Publishers Award, Italy 2013

Eleonora Calvelli, In Bloom, Postcart, Italy 2013

Guido Guidi, Cinque paesaggi 1983- 1993, Postcart – ICCD, Italy 2013

Lorenzo Mapelli, Pet shots, rawraw editions, Italy 2011

Frédéric Fleury, A Digger Grip, rawraw editions, Italy 2011

Federico Ciamei, 80s SWM seeks LTR, Self-published, Italy 2012

Salvatore Santoro, Saluti da Pinetamare, Self-published, Italy 2012

Piergiorgio Casotti, Sometimes I cannot smile, Self-published, Italy, 2013

Alessandra Spranzi, Una casa su misura, Self-published, Italy 2011

Lavinia Parlamenti and Manfredi Pantanella, ROUNDABOUT#cyprus, Self-published, Italy 2013

Achille Filipponi, Catalogue of the collective exhibition by Maria Abdulhamid, Valentina Parisi and Quiete Ensemble, Yard, Italy 2011

Fabio Barile, Michele Cera, Federico Covre, Cesare Fabbri, Marcelllo Galvani, Giovanni Lami, Domingo Milella, Francesco Neri, Gabriele Rossi, Petra Stavast, Visions and Documents, Documentary Platform, Italy 2010

Morten Andersen, Color F., Shadowlab, Norway, 2010

Morten Andersen, Black and Blue, Shadowlab, Norway 2011

Pablo Hare, Carrettera Central, Toromuerto, Peru 2008

José Pedro Cortes, Silence, Pierre von Kleist, Portugal 2005

Sabelo Mlangeni, Men only, Michael Stevenson, South Africa 2009

Sabelo Mlangeni, Country Girls, Michael Stevenson, South Africa 2010

Jo Ratcliffe, As Terras do Fim do Mundo, Michael Stevenson, South Africa 2010

Idan Hayosh, Corina KĂĽnzli, Salome Schmuki, Jet Masters, Kodoji, Switzerland 2011

Taiyo Onorato and Nico Krebs, The Great Unreal, Patrick Frei, Switzerland 2009

Roswitha Hecke, Irene, Patrick Frei, Switzerland 2011

Olivia Heussler, Zurich Sommer 1980, Patrick Frei, Switzerland 2010

A. C. Kupper , Revolutionäre Mittelklasse, Patrick Frei, Switzerland 2010

Mariken Wessels, Elisabeth – I want to eat, Alauda publications, The Netherlands 2010

Mariken Wessels, Queen Ann P.S. belly cut off, Alauda publications, The Netherlands 2010

Delphine Bedel, All that is solid melts into air – Notes on tourism, episode publishers, The Netherlands 2010

Gregg Smith, Let the Space Wrap Around You, Monospace Press, The Netherlands 2013

Judith Van Ijken, Mimicry, Self-published, The Netherlands 2010

Jaya Pelupessy, Observer, Self-published, The Netherlands 2013

Rob Hornstra and Arnold van Bruggen, Empty Land, Promised Land, Forbidden Land, The Sochi Project, The Netherlands 2010

Rob Hornstra and Arnold van Bruggen, Posters, The Sochi Project, The Netherlands 2010

Rob Hornstra and Arnold van Bruggen, The Secret History of Khava Gaisanova and The North Caucasus, The Sochi Project, The Netherlands 2013

Tisa Walden, San Francisco in the 21st Century, Loosestrife editions, U.S.A. 2011

AA. VV., The Corinthians A Kodachrome Slideshow, Archive of Modern Conflict, UK 2009

Stephen Gill, Anonymous Origami, Nobody books, UK 2007

Stephen Gill, Coming up for Air, Nobody books, UK 2009

Chris Coekin, The Altogheter, Walkout/Books, UK 2011

And for those who are going to be in Lishui, we of 3/3 will also be portfolio reviewers and supervisors of the workshop on photobooks.



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